72 pound Warsaw grouper caught bottom fishing on the Fort Lauderdale Sportfishing Boats

 Awesome warsaw grouper caught sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale

Great sportfishing on our 6 person charter fishing boats this week out of Fort Lauderdale.  The weather has gotten beautiful, and so has the fishing.  The shipwrecks are beginning to hold some bigger fish on them and it should get better and better throughout the spring fishing season.  This week on the sportfishing boats, there have been a lot of big bottom fish caught.  This photo is a giant warsaw grouper that we caught while fishing around a shipwreck.  This time of year there are a lot of small bait fish that come around the shipwrecks, which attracts a lot of bigger game fish to them.  We position the boat above the shipwreck and drop live baits to the bottom.  If there is a big fish down there and he’s hungry, it doesn’t take but a moment to get hooked into a really big game fish.  Big fish that we’ve been catching around the shipwrecks this week are grouper(black, gag and warsaw), big golden amberjacks, barracuda, cobia, and even certain game sharks. 

A happy angler who just caught this monster grouper 

This grouper weighed 72 pounds, which as far as warsaw grouper go is a huge one.  Although we don’t catch warsaw groupers every day, whenever we catch one big one, it means there are usually some more big groupers around the wrecks.  The drift boats have been getting some good action too.  The kingfish are starting to bite really good, after a slow month and a half regarding the kingfish bite.  On this trip, we caught 14 kingfish as well as some nice snappers.  The snapper bite has been really good as well.  Our night fishing trip, where we target the yellowtail snappers, has been excellent.  Capt. Dale said that last night, they caught yellowtail after yellowtail, all night long.  We anchor at night and chum for snappers and other bottom fish.  The chum attracts them to the boat where we drop lines to the bottom to catch our fish.  

Nice kingfish catch on the Catch My Drift out of Fort Lauderdale

Last night was great, and everyone that went caught fish.  Although yellowtails bite the best at night, the daytime crews have been coming in with some decent yellowtail snapper catches also.  Basically, daytime fishing has been bringing in some nice kingfish catches with some snappers mixed in.  The night time fishing has been catching snapper almost exclusively, but the action has been awesome.  Tonight is our 6 hour anchor fishing trip, so I think tonight should be an awesome night to go.  We’ll see what they bring in.   

These guys caught a few yellowtail snappers on their drift fishing trip

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