Fort Lauderdale Holiday Season Fishing- A few fish stories I missed

Here’s Dave Mullen and his daughter Bethany with their monster hammerhead shark. 

 Dave Mullen and his daugher Bethany with a giant golden hammerhead shark.

We had a lot of holiday vacationers here over the Christmas holiday this year.  I have hardly had time to keep up on my posts this week, so this one is a few fish we caught over the Christmas Holiday Season.  For the most part, the saifish were biting really good.  We caught them on more than a few days this holiday season.  The weather was gorgeous and there was just enough wind to get the kites up.  On most days, we went out to the reef or a color change and put the kites up.  The sailfish were biting pretty good.  If you sat there with the kites up for a couple hours, you were gonna get a bite on one.  None of the bait boats that sell bait were going out for live baits, so we went out ourselves in the wee hours of the morning to catch goggle eyes.  Goggle eyes only bite at night and they bite the best right before sunup, so you have to go fishing for them at like 3:30 AM.  Well, it took a lot of coffee, but we caught enough live goggle eyes to catch quite a few sailfish suring these weeks.

Here’s the Shotton Family fighting a big game fish.

The Shoton family fighting a big game fish. 

Sailfish weren’t the only fish on the menu during those last couple weeks in December.  The bottom fishing around the shipwrecks was going really good too.  We were going from wreck to wreck and dropping live baits to the bottom.  The result:  a couple huge warsaw groupers and some nice snowy groupers and gag groupers too.  We were getting some really nice groupers over the Christmas holidays.  Swimming right there with the big groupers, were some big amberjacks and barracuda.  We caught several very nice golden amberjacks over these couple weeks and big barracudas too.

Here’s Brad, Debbie, Zach, Jared and Nate.

Big barracuda caught by the Shotton Family

The fishing yesterday and today was also very good.  The drift fishing boat came in with perhaps the best catch.  They caught a bunch of snappers.  Most of the snapper were the 1-2 pound yellowtail but there were 2 nice muttons caught also.  Surpisingly, we actually got a couple kingfish today as well.  The kingfishing has been really slow but today there were a few caught.  We even caught a couple bonitos today.  Looks like the reef fishing is getting better.  I heard quite a few sailfish caught today as well as good action on mahi mahi and a couple wahoos.  I still don’t have a trip for tommorrow yet.  I’ll probably go fun fishing if I don’t get a trip.  It’s no fun sitting at the docks when the fish are biting. 

Here’s the Kimberlins with their big sailfish.

John with a huge sailfish caught sportfishing off Fort Lauderdale

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