Sailfishing is good on the Fort Lauderdale Sport Fishing Boats

Sailfishing on the Fort Lauderdale sport fishing boats 

Wow, there’s been some great fishing here in Ft. Lauderdale this week.  We’ve been catching mahi mahi all week and there has been a lot of other action around the reef as well.  This week, we’ve started to see the sailfish showing up.  The weather has been cool with a nice east wind, which is perfect conditions for the sailfish bite.  This week we’ve been doing some kite fishing, which is flying kites and dangling live baits off the kite line using pressure release clips.  This keeps the bait suspended, right on the top of the water splashing around.  This is a great way of fishing, because you actually get to see the bite when the big fish comes up to take the bait.  A sailfish or a shark has to stick his dorsal fin out of the water in order to eat the bait, so ou can watch all the action on the surface of the water. 

Great sailfish catch and nice barracuda caught Fishing in Fort Lauderdale 

The other day, Capt. Erik and John went out and caught a huge sailfish.  The fish was almost 8 feet long, which is a humongous sailfish for Ft. Lauderdale.  They were kite fishing and caught him on a live goggle eye bait.  The sailfish put on a great aerial display, jumping ans sommersaulting numerous times.  Everyone loves to see a sailfish jumping, but every time the fish jumps, out hearts skip a beat.  When the sailfish jump, they shake their heads, putting lots of different angles on the hook.  If the fish is going to pull the hook, it is usually when they are jumping, so whenever the fish jumps, the crew of the boat are holding their breath hoping the fish won’t escape.  This one was not so lucky.  We got him in the boat and the fish was pretty spent.  There was no way this one was going to make it, so we brought him in.  Great fish and a great day of sailfishing out of Ft. Lauderdale.

Nice drift fishing catch of dolphin and yellowtail snappers 

The drift boats continue to bring in good catches of dolphins and yellowtail snappers.  thh schools of dolphin have been hitting us whenever we least expect it, just swimming in really fast and eating every bait they can fit down their mouths.  We’ve been getting them like this all week, and no signs of them slowing down at all either.  Yellowtail snappers have been biting good too.  Lots of action on yellowtails on the reefs whenever the kingfish bite slows down and the customers try putting their baits on the bottom.  Both the drift fishing and sport fishing boats have been doing really good out there all week.  The fish are here so make time to go fishing.  You gotta catch ’em while they are biting.  Sea ya on the deep sea.

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