Sailfish season is HERE!!! Finally!! In Fort Lauderdale.

Sailfish season is here in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida 

The sailfish bit today off Fort Lauderdale.  We caught one and saw a few other free jumping out there just outside the reef.  Today was good fishing all around.  The sportfishing boat caught kingfish really good, the bait was biting, there was some action on the reefs, and we got a SAILFISH!! 

Kingfish and action on the reef biting good as well in Fort Lauderdale 

We started off trolling the reef.  The kingfish bit realy good in the 100-200′ depth, on and outside the reefs.  Most of the kings were 5-10 pounds.  We got a couple bonitos and missed a couple other bites that could have been cool fish.  The planer baits that troll down deep kept getting hit, we couldn’t keep them in the water for more than a couple minutes. 

Catching them 2 at a time on the sportfishing boats in Fort Lauderdale 

This is a photo of us catching them 2 at a time.  The action slowed down eventually though, so we decided to switch over and try some live baiting.

Sailfish taking the bait out of kite fishing out of Fort Lauderdale 

Capt. Johan was running the boat today.  He’s been in the boat yard for the past 2 months putting new engines in the Big Game so he’s been itching to go fishing for a while now.  We set up with the kites for a while with very little action to start. 

Sailfish jumping behidn the boat in Fort Lauderdale

After some time, the sailfish came up and grabbed the bait.  He was a beauty and jumped quite a few times for us.  We got him to the boat and got a bunch of photos with the fish.  Here’s Rod wiring the fish up to the boat and posing with the fish.  We released him and the fish swam away strong.  It was a great day of sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale today.  
Rod posing with a sailfish caught off Fort Lauderdale 

Guys, the sailfish season is here in Fort Lauderdale and the fish are biting good.  Give me a call if you want to make a reservation, we have plenty of openings.

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