A couple nice muttons snappers and a hammerhead caught drift fishing out of Fort Lauderdale

Hammerhead shark off Fort Lauderdale 

Rainy day fishing in Fort Lauderdale today.  The D-Nile caught a nice hammerhead shark this afternoon.  The morning fishing was pretty good. The guys brought in a few dolphins and some kingfish but they didn’t take any fishing photos for me.  Well, I made them take some photos this afternoon, so here’s a couple pictures of the hammerhead they caught.

Mutton snapper fishing off Fort Lauderdale 

The drift fishing boat got a couple nice muttons this afternoon.  They went and did some snapper fishing in shallow today and got some muttons, yellowtails and a kingfish this afternoon.  I didn’t get to see what they caught on the morning trip, because I was in the boatyard with another of our boats, painting her up to look pretty for the boat show.  Anyway, sea ya all tomorrow, we’ll be out there fishing.

Hammerhead shark caught on the Fort Lauderdale sportfishing charter boat

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