Just about every kind of fish caught today Fishing Fort Lauderdale

Here's our group shot on out Fort Lauderdale fishing trip 

We had an excellent day of Fort Lauderdale Drift Fishing today.  All kinds of fish were biting.  We caught dolphins and kingfish, bonitos and a bunch of snappers.  What a great day out there.  The weather was beautiful, despite what the weatherman predicted.  I mean, we live in South Florida, the weather is always beautiful.  Stop telling people the weather is bad, you have a 99% chance of being wrong.  Anyway, the water was calm, no rain till very late in the day, and the fish were biting great.

Here's some of the fish laying on the dock

We went out fishing off the third Fort Lauderdale reef and caught lots of kings and bonitos.  We use a lot of sardines and ballyhoo on our drift boat and they were working good for us today.  The kings and bonitos were tearing us up in about 90-120′ of water.  The captain saw a bunch of kings skyrocketing on some bait fish in that depth and swung the boat in for a closer look see.  We shut down the engine, put our baits in the water and BAM!  Bite after bite and kingfish after kingfish.  Bonitos were in the mess of them too, and they gave us a good catch today. 

Nice kingfish drift fishing off Ft. Lauderdale

 The guys fishing the bottom caught a few big mutton snappers and a few flag yellowtails.  They were just letting their lines out a little farther than everyone else and they were probably within 20 feet of the bottom drifting along.  The muttons swam up and grabbed their baits faster than a kid grabbing a popsickle.  Nice sized muttons too, 6 or 7 pounders which are decent sized ones for Fort Lauderdale.

Nice mutton caught aboard the Catch My Drift

As if all those fish weren’t enough a nice school of Mahi Mahi, dolphin fish, swam up to greet us near the end of the trip.  All of the ones in the school were like 8-10 pounders and we caught 6 of the 7 in the school.  They should not have swam close to the Catch My Drift!  One got away with a nice 5/0 hook as jewelry and he’ll have a sore jaw for a few days.  It was a great day of fishing out there and everyone had a stupendous time out there.  I can’t wait to see what we catch tommorrow!  See ya’ll out there.

Mahi Mahi Dolphin fish caught on the Fort Lauderdale Drift Boats

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