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Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters

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Bobby holding up a big black grouper

Nice black grouper caught shipwreck fishing in Fort Lauderdale

We’re getting some smoker kingfish, mahi-mahi, blackfin tunas and groupers on our Fort Lauderdale fishing charters this week.  The fish are out there, you have to work to catch them but they are there.  Trolling the reef is producing the best action.  Fish tend to congregate in the same depth for hours at a time, so when you notice you keep getting bites when trolling through a specific depth, keep working that area.

Lucky angler holding his nice red grouper on the back of the drift boat.

Nice red grouper caught on our drift boat.

Wreck fishing is producing some good numbers of fish too.  Groupers and amberjacks are biting on 200-300ft shipwrecks.  Grouper season just opened so there are some pretty big fish on those spots still.  Amberjacks are also biting around these same wrecks; the magic number seems to be wrecks in the 200-300ft depth range.  These wrecks hold the best numbers of fish this time of year.

Nice dolphin caught drifting on the Fort Lauderdale reef

Nice dolphin caught drift fishing aboard the Catch My Drift

Sharks, sailfish and mahi-mahi are all the big game fish that are biting on the top of the water.  Kite fishing is effective in catching these surface feeding gamefish.  Kite fishing is done by flying kites and attaching the baits to pressure release clips strung along the kite.  The kite keeps the live baits suspended on the surface and splashing.  This draws the surface predatory fish in like ringing the dinner bell.  The action isn’t as good as trolling, but this is the technique best used to get big bites on big fish on the surface.  I love kite fishing in May, we catch some cool fish.

Ashlee with some big kingfish holding a big one

Ashlee with some big kingfish we caught on our sportfishing charter

Your best bet in May is to stay flexible.  Different fish bite on different days, and there’s a million variables that affect the bite.  Be ready to change tactics if you hear a different tactic working.  The fishing in May is good, so you can usually find some pretty cool fish.  Good luck to everyone fishing over the next few days.  I’ll sea ya on the water.

Capt. Andy Roydhouse

Nice red snapper being held by the girl who caught it.

Big red snapper caught by this fisher gal on our sportfishing charter

April is the Best Month For Deep Sea Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

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Nice bull dolphin caught by this happy angler.

Nice bull dolphin caught on our sportfishing charter out of Fort Lauderdale.

What a great month to go fishing in Fort Lauderdale.  The ocean is alive with fish!  This month, we’re catching sailfish, tuna, wahoo, amberjacks, sharks, barracuda and more.  Pretty much everything is biting off the Fort Lauderdale coastline this time of year.  We have our lulls in fishing throughout the year, but this month makes Fort Lauderdale look like the most epic fishing destination in the world.  With our fishing grounds just a mile offshore, its super convenient to get out to these productive fishing grounds.

Nice dolphin caught by this lucky guy on our drift fishing trip.

Nice dolphin caught on our drift fishing trip aboard the Catch My Drift.

Dolphin are the billboard fish this week.  They’re biting in 100-200ft of water, just outside the reefs.  They come in close to shore this time of year, getting pushed in with the stronger East winds.  Flying fish, one of the main fish that dolphin chase and eat, get pushed in closer and closer to shore with the East winds.  When flying fish jump out of the water and spread their fins, they get blown the direction the wind is pushing.  If the wind has been blowing out of the East for a few days in a row, the reef gets filled up with flying fish.  This in turn brings the dolphin in with them.  It’s all about the food.  These conditions make April and May the best couple months to fish for big dolphin off the coast of Fort Lauderdale.

Guy holding a blackfin tuna in the Fort Lauderdale Intracoastal Waterway.

Nice blackfin tuna caught by this guy on our sportfishing charter.

Trolling the reef is red hot action as well.  Blackfin tunas, bonitos, kingfish and barracuda are all biting on the reef this week.  We’re catching them pulling strip baits and rigged ballyhoo on surface trolled baits and on our deep running planer baits.  It’s a great spread of baits that can catch just about anything fishing the Ft Lauderdale reef.  On a rare occasion, we’ll even catch a great big ole’ wahoo or even a sailfish.  You can catch just about anything on the reefs this month.  Yesterday, one of our charters actually caught a blue marlin in only 300ft of water.    That’s incredibly rare for us to catch a blue marlin fishing in Fort Lauderdale, and to catch one in so shallow is quite a feat.  Like I always say, you can catch anything and everything in Fort Lauderdale in the Spring months.

Nice amberjack caught deep dropping

Nice amberjack caught deep dropping over a shipwreck on our sportfishing charter

Wreck fishing is the other golden ticket fishing technique this time of year.  The wrecks are holding some big fish.  Amberjacks are the big dogs of the wrecks and they are aggressive.  They inhale just about anything you drop down to the bottom near the wrecks.  Live baits work great fishing for jacks around the wrecks.  This time of year with the jacks all stacked up around these shipwrecks, we sometimes can’t even get the bait to the bottom without getting a hit.  Besides amberjacks, there are also almaco jacks, grouper, cobia and sharks that can be caught bottom fishing around the wrecks.  It’s a great time of year and there are lots of fish biting, no matter where you go or what you fish for in Fort Lauderdale.

Nice mutton snapper caught deep dropping.

Nice mutton snapper caught by this lucky fisher gal on our sportfishing charter

There’s a lot of action on our fishing trips this month.  Some of the biggest fish of my lifetime have been caught fishing Ft Lauderdale in April and May.  It’s my favorite time of year for fishing and Ft Lauderdale is the best fishing destination in the world this month.  Let’s go fishing!

Capt. Andy Roydhouse

Nice red grouper caught drift fishing by this lucky angler.

Nice red grouper caught on our drift fishing trip aboard the Catch My Drift.

Great Fishing on our Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters This Month

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Guys holding a big bull dolphin on our sportfishing charter.

Nice dolphin caught by this lucky angler on our sportfishing charter

There’s some great fishing happening in Fort Lauderdale right now.  A little bit of everything is biting and we’re seeing some pretty nice fish hitting the docks.  The strong East winds are bringing the dolphin in close, right in onto the reef.  We’re catching mahi-mahi in 100-200ft of water, something that happens very rarely, usually only in March and April.  They follow the seaweed lines as they get blown in closer to shore and they linger on the reefs because of the large amount of available food.  A lot of the mahi are pretty big, larger than the average size ones we normally catch.  Dolphin aren’t picky eaters.  They will eat just about anything you are using for bait, you just need the get the baits near to them and they will gobble it up.  Dolphin have voracious appetites this time of year and most of them are above average in size.  We’re getting into the absolute best fishing month of the year to catch dolphin, April.

Nice fish caught on our sportfishing charter.

Nice dolphin fish and mutton snapper caught by these guys on a Fort Lauderdale fishing charter.

Tunas, wahoo, barracuda and sailfish are also biting on the reef and edge of the Gulfstream on our fishing charters.  This time of year, you can catch just about anything in 100-300ft of water.  This water column holds a tremendous amount of baitfish and available food, so the fish congregate in that water column for easy pickings.  Tunas have been biting great for the past few months.  In December, we started catching all the small tunas in the 1-2 pound range.  By late January they were 2-4 pounds.  Now in March, they are already 5-10 pounds in size and still biting really good.  There are a few really big tunas up to 30 pounds mixed in, but most of them are in the 5-10 pound range.  Great sushi if you remember to bring your wasabi.  Wahoo bite good on the full and new moon phases.  They eat best on the big tide swings that these moon phases bring with them and we catch them smack dab on the reefs in only 100ft of water.  Trolling artificial lures and rigged baits works best as you can cover a lot of territory, but slow trolling works really good for them as well.

Nice tunas being held by these beautiful fisher girls.

Nice tunas caught by these fisher gals while trolling the reefs of Ft Lauderdale.

Sailfish and barracuda are the top predators out there right now.  With no natural predators, these fish have free reign out there to hunt without the fear of being hunted in return.  We catch our sailfish by either kite fishing, slow trolling live baits along the reefs or by faster trolling of artificial lures and rigged baits.  Barracudas eat the same stuff.  These top gamefish bite really good whenever we get a strong east wind and you’ll find them among the schools of tuna that pop up out there.  Kite fishing works particularly well for them on these windy days because the baitfish put off such a strong fish-in-distress signal that can be honed in on from a great distance away.  Sharks are also biting out there in big numbers (and big sizes), but I’ll save that for a future report.

Big sailfish being held by family.

Nice sailfish caught by this family on a fishing charter during their vacation in Fort Lauderdale.

And lastly, the wreck fishing is getting stronger by the day.  Big fish are starting to congregate in large numbers around our shipwrecks in 200-400ft of water.  For many years, Fort Lauderdale supported an artificial reef program.  This program brought many old and retired ships out to these depths to be permanently sank to make a structure for fish to congregate around.  The divers and fishermen loved it!  It gave us both an excellent spot to come to find what we were looking for… big fish.  From the months of March through May, a lot of big fish show up around these wrecks with an appetite.  They are ready to eat just about anything you drop near their noses.  Big groupers, amberjacks, cobia, snappers and more are all caught in big numbers around our wrecks this time of year.  This is the only time of year you can show up to a wreck, drop a live bait down and be hooked up to a 40-60 pound big game fish.  I really, really love wreck fishing in the Spring fishing season.

2 guys holding a beast of an amberjack just caught.

Check out this monster amberjack, caught deep dropping over a Ft Lauderdale shipwreck.

Good luck to everyone fishing with us over the next few weeks.  This time of year is about the best time you can come down to fish Fort Lauderdale and although we do have slow days from time to time, the average catches we have this time of year blow away the average catches throughout the rest of the year.  Tight lines everyone and I’ll sea ya on the water.

Capt. Andy Roydhouse

Bobby holding a really big grouper just caught.

Big grouper caught on a shipwreck while deep dropping.