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Great swordfishing trip today in Fort Lauderdale

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Nice swordfish, dolphin and wahoo

Nice swordfish, dolphin and wahoo caught offshore of Fort Lauderdale

We had an awesome swordfishing trip today in Fort Lauderdale.  We went out daytime swordfishing on a charter and got one!  We started off trolling offshore and hit a couple nice mahi-mahi right off the bat.  As we were getting them close to the boat, an estimated 400 pound mako shark came up and ate both of them off the line.  We tried throwing a shark bait out to the mako, but it didn’t work.  We weren’t fast enough I guess.  We got out there to swordfish ground and started doing our drops.  The first drop nothing and the second drop we hooked up to this nice swordfish.  We caught him and threw him in the box.  We kept swordfishing for a few more drops with no more luck.  Glad we got the first one, it made the day.

Mahi-mahi dolphin caught offshore Ft Lauderdale

Nice mahi-mahi caught trolling offshore of Fort Lauderdale

On the way home, we trolled and caught a couple more mahi-mahi (one real nice one and one smaller one) and a nice wahoo.  A great day of fishing offshore of Fort Lauderdale.  There have been some nice swordfish biting off our coast, it was great to catch this one.  We don’t get to go swordfishing as often as we’d like, so this is a very special fish for us to catch.  The guys went home with a lot of good eating fish fillets from this trip.  We’re getting into our best time of year for swordfishing and fishing in general.  Fort Lauderdale really shines the next couple of months fishing wise.  This is a great time to come out and book a trip.  Let’s go fishing!

Capt Rod with a swordfish

Nice swordfish caught deep dropping offshore of Fort Lauderdale

Action Packed March Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

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Nice wahoo just caught

Nice wahoo caught aboard the Big Game.

The fishing is going off in Fort Lauderdale this week.  Lots of wahoos, tunas, sailfish, sharks, amberjacks and more are biting.  March is the season when everything starts picking up and the biggest fish of the whole year hit the dock.  Already we’re seeing the action on the reefs and wrecks begin lighting up!  With the nice calm weather we’re having, we’ve fished every single day the past week.  Some big wahoos are biting in 200-300ft of water.  We’re catching them trolling the planers at a fast clip.  Yesterday, Capt. Dave and Chris landed a triple header wahoo!  On the same trip they caught a couple nice blackfin tunas and a couple bonitos.

Nice amberjack caught deep dropping

Nice amberjack caught deep dropping on a shipwreck

You might recognize this family.  They were the ones that caught the monster Hammerhead shark with us last year!  They came back this year and caught this beauty of an amberjack.  This is the time of year when they big jacks begin showing up around our local shipwrecks in 200+ feet of water.  They congregate hard around these wrecks, as it is a source of constant food for their voracious appetites.  In another month, the jacks will be so thick around the wrecks, we won’t be able to drop the bait fully to the bottom without it being eaten by a hungry jack.  The fishing in Ft Lauderdale in the spring months IS THAT GOOD.

Nice jumping shot of a sailfish jumping

Nice sailfish jumping out of the water off Fort Lauderdale

Sailfish are still biting strong out here too.  The winter is the best season of the year for sailfish, but there are always some around in the spring too.  This week, we’ve had a great run of sailfish.  They are biting anywhere from 100-500ft of water.  Kite fishing with live goggle eyes has been working the best, but a few sailfish are being caught trolling too.  Sharks are also biting on the kites in the same depths of water.  Whenever we kite fish for sailfish, we always throw out a shark bait in case Jaws swims by.  We caught this nice tiger shark the other day doing this.

Nice tiger shark caught and released

Nice tiger shark Catch and Release aboard the Big Game

Out in the really deep waters, tilefish are showing up.  Not the regular grey tilefish we’ve been catching all winter long.  Golden tilefish, the tilefish that live in super deep waters, are biting in 500+ feet of water on the bottom.  If the conditions are right and there isn’t too much current to contend with, deep dropping in 500ft of water is working great for excellent golden tilefish catches this week.  Golden tilefish are great eating fish.  Some call them “poor man’s lobster”.  They are tough to catch, but worth the effort.  They are exceptional fighters too, fighting with all their strength the entire fight up to the surface.

Big golden tilefish

Monster golden tilefish caught in 600ft of water off Fort Lauderdale

The action is great on all kinds of species off our coast.  No matter what type of fish you’re after, March through May is our all-around best season of the year to come fishing.  Good luck to all the anglers fishing with us this week.  Catch ’em up!