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Bottom Fishing in Ft Lauderdale

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Nice snapper catch

Nice catch of red snappers deep dropping off Fort Lauderdale

The fishing this week in Fort Lauderdale is great. A lot of action on the reefs and wrecks. Today, we went snapper fishing for a few hours and caught a whole bunch of red snappers. We caught all of these fish in 350ft of water, deep dropping with chicken rigs baited with squid and chunks of bonito. We were pulling them up 3-5 at a time. The snappers were ‘snappin’ as they say. Good fishing on the wrecks for big game too. The amberjacks are all over the wrecks and biting ferociously. This is the season when the big amberjacks come through and inhabit the wrecks. They are big too, some of them 40-60 pounds. Live baiting around the wrecks is all but a sure thing for a big amberjack bite.

Nice amberjack

Nice amberjack caught fishing a wreck in Ft Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Fishing

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Groupers and snappers

Nice grouper and snapper catch today on a sportfishing charter

There is a lot of activity fishing the Fort Lauderdale waters this week.  Sharks, sailfish, blackfin tuna and mahi-mahi are all biting on the outside edge of the reef.  Wrecks are also loaded up with good fish.  Today, we had some folks that wanted to go out and do some bottom fishing and get some fish they could take home to cook up.  So we went out and did some deep dropping around the 250-350ft shipwrecks.  The fish were biting.  We caught about 20 vermillion snappers, a couple jacks that we threw back and a couple nice size snowy groupers.  It was a good action trip.  Sportfishing and drift fishing trips are both coming in with good catches this week.  May is always a good month for fishing and this May is no exception.  For the next month or so, we should have the best fishing Fort Lauderdale has to offer, no matter what type of fish you’re after.  Let’s get out there and do some fishing while the fishing is good.

Fort Lauderdale Drift Fishing

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Sailfish on drift boat

Nice sailfish caught drift fishing aboard the Catch My Drift

Drift fishing is going good this week.  A lot of action on the reef catching kingfish, bonitos, blackfin tunas, snappers and grouper.  The action always gets better for us this time of year.  There are schools of baitfish on the reefs and all around the wrecks right now, making plenty of food for bigger game fish to congregate.  Schools of blackfin tuna are patrolling the reef.  Several big blackfins and many small to medium ones are being caught drift fishing in 100-200ft of water.  A few sailfish are here and there as well, more than a few were caught this week. The kingfish bite is hit or miss.  On some days they bite good and we catch a bunch of them.  Other days, we can’t get a kingfish to save our lives.  Fortunately, if the kingfish aren’t biting, snappers and groupers on the bottom give us some good action.  Bonitos are beginning to show up for their big summer migration.  Just a few to start, but in a month or so, large schools of them will be biting. 

drift fishing trip

Coming in from fishing on the Catch My Drift

This morning’s drift fishing trip aboard the Catch My Drift was decent action.  We had 17 anglers on the boat and caught a sailfish (biggest fish of the day), 6 bonitos, a 20 pound kingfish, and about a dozen yellowtail snappers.  Capt Dale, our night fishing captain is reporting some very large mangrove snappers biting at night as well as a few big mutton snappers.  He says that the yellowtail bite is off and on, some nights really good and then some slow nights on the tails.  Grouper season just opened up and some red groupers are biting on both the day and the night trips.  We can finally keep them again.  We’re cathcing not more than 1 or 2 on a trip, but they are biting some.  We’re getting into the season when the drift fishing boats really shine and a lot of fish are caught.  Good luck fishing this week everyone.

Nice kingfish caught drift fishing

Nice kingfish caught drift fishing in Fort Lauderdale